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About the IB

What is the IB about?

Why do the IB? Is it worth it?

IB vs. HSC – should I do the IB?

Tips for starting IB

CAS Activity Ideas and Advice

How to Succeed in the IB

Maximising your final IB score

How to stop procrastinating

Time Management – managing the IB

Succeeding in the IB

Choosing Higher Levels – things to think about

The Power of Building Resilience

Advice I would give to my past IB self

How to get a 45 in the IB

Unlocking the Power of Struggle

How to Get a 7 Series

How to get a 7 in SL Biology

How to get a 7 in HL Economics

How to get a 7 in HL Chemistry

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How to get a 7 in SL French

Exam Preparation

Preparing for IB final exams

5 Effective IB Study Methods

What to do when your IB results isn’t what you wanted

Should I get … remarked?

IA Tips and Advice

How to write an IB Biology Lab Report

Preparing for the English IOC

Acing the French Individual Oral