How to get a 7 in HL Economics!

Out of all the higher levels that you could choose to take in the IB, I would have to say that Economics is one of the easiest. Getting a 7 in this subject is not hard at all, just follow 3 simple rules:

  1. Practice Essay writing – dig out past papers and write those essays/data responses under timed conditions, and then give it to your teacher to mark. Slowly, you will find your pitfalls are in the same places (for me, it was forgetting to define!) and eventually these mistakes can be easily fixed.
  2. Understand your content – so much in Economics doesn’t necessarily need to be rote learned, but you do need a solid understanding of each topic and how it relates to the other topics to write those essays well.
  3. Write syllabus notes – write yourself a set of notes under the syllabus bullet points. Try to summarise as much as you can so its easier to learn, and in doing so, you will find that you understand the content a lot better! You can also draw mind maps to help sort out all the connections between the different topics. Try to write your notes as you go along, the IB Economics syllabus is lengthy and you will have a hard time trying to finish them all right before the exams!

Enjoy 🙂

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