IB CAS Activity Ideas and Advice!

It can sometimes be quite difficult to think of activity ideas to count for CAS, and this can often be a daunting task for many people. Here is a list of CAS activity ideas that can help you get the ball rolling:

NB. Although CAS is now more of a “consistent effort” approach, it is still wise to follow the 50 hour guideline for creativity, action and service. Even better, try to exceed the expected hours! Most people will end up doing more than 150 hours total by the time they are finished with CAS.


  • Music:
    • learn to play a new instrument
    • volunteer to teach your instrument to somebody
    • join a school ensemble you’ve never done before
    • get promoted in your school orchestra to a higher section
  • Art:
    • learn a new art form (painting, drawing, clay modelling etc.) and donate the art pieces to charity
    • teach your existing art form to people (creativity and service)
    • volunteer to offer your art talents up for a good cause e.g. fundraisers, art auctions etc.
    • look around in the community for artsy volunteer opportunities!
  • Debating is a great one!
  • Tutoring/coaching- creating the training plans or planning the tutoring sessions


  • Volunteer to coach for your local club/school
  • Learn a new sport
  • Get promoted to a higher grade sports team
  • Learn a new position in your existing sport
  • Yoga is great!
  • Habitat for Humanity (building houses for a charity!)
  • Charity walks/runs/fundraisers


  • Any kind of volunteer work anywhere, e.g.
    • Tutoring
    • Nursing homes
    • Coaching sport (counts for both service and action!)
    • Mentoring
    • Helping out at fundraisers etc.
  • Group project counts for service hours too!

Handy tips and tricks:

  • Remember that you can always use existing activities for CAS, but you just have to think of ways to “extend yourself”. For example, if you play netball, you could learn a new position, or coach for your local club. If you are an orchestral player, try to get moved up a section for an increased challenge etc.
  • Your group project will often cover more than one area of CAS, so if you are slightly lacking in one area, perhaps volunteer for that area in your group project.
  • Don’t forget that CAS has to be a consistent effort! Don’t try and cram everything into one year, because you will have to keep going! And don’t leave CAS to the last minute, because you can’t turn back time!
  • Try to find activities that are ongoing, so for example, don’t just do a bunch of one off fundraisers for service, because you won’t satisfy CAS criteria or have sufficient hours.
  • Don’t forget to cover all the learning outcomes for CAS, including the more tricky ones like “ethical implications” and “international mindedness”.
  • Build CAS into your schedule and try and use it as a break from your academics – that’s what its for!
  • Do CAS activities with friends so you can integrate your social life into it as well!
  • Keep your CAS paperwork and reflections up to date. Do them as you go, otherwise you may find yourself unable to count activities and you may have to redo those hours! It is also a lot less stressful if you don’t have a bunch of overdue paperwork!
  • It is handy to create yourself a “CAS tracker” on excel, so you can log your hours for each activity and easily track your progress.
  • Make things easy for your supervisors and have paperwork ready when you start and finish activities.


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