Should I get …. remarked?

Figuring out what subjects you want to get remarked is a daunting and sometimes risky task. Your mark could go up, it could stay the same, or it could go down. However, you really need this mark for university, or you really think that you did much better in that subject. What do you do?

  1. Consider the subject – is it subjective, and likely to change, like English, and TOK? Languages, TOK, EE and Humanities are more likely to show change than the sciences and math. Having said that though, do keep in mind that if you are 1 or 2 marks off the upper grade boundary in Math or Physics, its worth a shot…
  2. How far away are you from the higher grade? 1 mark, 2 marks or 6 marks? How far away are you from dropping a grade? If you are too close to the bottom, and not close enough to the top, I would think again about the remark. Are you willing to risk the grade dropping?
  3. Why do you need the boosted mark? Is it purely for glory, like the 44 to 45 bet, or is it necessary for you to get into the course you have been dreaming about all year? Is it to win a scholarship? If you are already into your dream course at your dream institution, a remark probably isn’t necessary for any other purpose than glory.

Sometimes it may be wise to wait for the complete breakdown of your marks before you go ahead with remarks. Look closely at exactly what let you down – was it an IA (because remarks won’t help this – the IBO will only mark external assessments) or was it a particular paper? Remember that remarks only affect externally marked papers – and you can’t request the remark of a specific paper, so you risk a paper being marked down.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to talk to your school and teachers for their advice first. Have previous students been successful? Is it likely to boost a grade, or is it more likely to stay the same or go down? Remember, remarks cost money, and can leave you worse off if you’re too close to the lower grade boundary.

However, sometimes its worth taking a risk for something that’s worthwhile to you, just make sure you’ve calculated it first.

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2 Responses to Should I get …. remarked?

  1. Shakeellan says:

    Hi I retook my Biology and Chemistry HL exams during the November 2018 session. Just got my results today. Made an improvement in both exams from a 3 to a 4. I got a 52% in bio (2%) off a 5 and a 48% in Chem (5%) to a 5. Would like to know whether I should have it remarked and hopefully be able to attain my IB Diploma.

    • IB Tips says:

      Hey, first of all, good work on improving your grades! What I would recommend is having a look at the grade boundaries for those subjects and seeing how far you are from the bottom grade boundary. This way, if they were to mark you down you don’t risk dropping a grade. Also keep in mind that with the sciences the marking will be more objective so it might be harder for the remarks to change much, as many of the answers are mostly either right or wrong- but it’s definitely worth a try if you’re really close to the upper boundary. Hope this helps and good luck!

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