Unlocking the Power of Struggle

The feeling of struggling through something, anything, is never a good one. Many of us try to avoid this feeling of struggle by refusing to touch whatever it is that is causing us to struggle, or simply by shutting down altogether.

Struggle is rarely something that we view in a positive light. We rarely praise struggle or effort, we praise results. The people who cruise through school and get results because they are “smart” get more applause than those who struggle, and potentially get overlooked. I am not saying that smart people don’t work hard, they certainly do, but my point is that struggling through something in life is not a bad thing. It’s necessary. As much as failure is necessary in life, struggle is also a must for all of us. It can push us to new heights, create motivation and make us ever more determined and resilient. However, to unlock the power of struggle, we must first learn to appreciate its beauty. We must learn to embrace it.

Embracing struggle is essentially being comfortable with discomfort. Its about accepting that you’re not in the most ideal situation, and choosing to do something about it. If you’re coming last in math, instead of brushing the subject aside, avoiding it, denying it, why don’t you try embracing it. Work hard at it, find ways in which you can improve. Your teachers are more than often very willing to help you, and if not, you have your friends, classmates, family, tutors and (hopefully) a full support network around you to help achieve your goals.

For some people, struggle switches them off. It reverses any motivation, determination or persistence they may have had. I challenge you to be the opposite. You know that rebel impulse you get when someone tells you to do something, and all you want to do is exactly the opposite? Sounds lame, but I challenge you to get rebellious with your struggles. Do the opposite of what it would usually make you do – make it work for you. Where there is a will, there is a way. Don’t give up.

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