What to do when your IB result isn’t what you wanted

It’s the topic that nobody wants to even consider. Frankly, its scary. But before you continue reading this article please remember that you shouldn’t be disappointed. If you have worked hard for the mark you wanted (but didn’t get), remember that in your heart, your hard work, determination and persistence is the greatest achievement of all. You never know just yet, if you really think you deserve a particular mark, a couple of remarks could be your route to getting it (although, I agree, its not the same thing).

First of all, don’t panic. There are always ways to get into what you want to do, especially if you (frustratingly) only missed out by a mark or two (this happened to me!). There are many things you should consider at this point:

  1. Remark – there are many aspects of the IB that are very subjective (English, EE and TOK!) that can easily strip marks from you. If you are within 1 or 2 marks of the grade boundary, consider giving it a remark. Of course, subjects like Math are less likely to change, but this isn’t to say that it is impossible to still go up! If you think you’ve been marked unfairly, you probably aren’t the only one – a lot of people in my cohort were left with less-than-ideal results for some subjects. (NB. Remember that remarks only affect externally marked papers, your IAs will not be remarked. If you think your IAs have been moderated unfairly, you can ask your school to request the IBO to remoderate the entire class’ IAs.)
  2. Consider the bonus points you may have – many universities offer bonus points if you do well in particular subjects related to the course that you are doing. Not to mention bonus points for disadvantage, and elite athletes and performers. When you add all these up, it could very well get you into the course of your dreams.
  3. Consider different institutions – the cut offs for your dream course can differ a lot between institutions. You can always transfer back to your dream institution in your second year! The key is to start doing what you want to do.
  4. Consider transferring from a similar course (at your dream institution) – for example, if you’re considering doing Law/Commerce, why not start Commerce and transfer into Law later?
  5. Ring up the universities and discuss options/pathways with them – you never know, the more pathways you explore, the more options you will have!

Having had this happen to me, I know how frustrating this can be, especially when you have worked day and night towards your goals. Explore all your options and be patient with it. Keep that hard work and determination, because it will lead you there in the end. If you never give up, it will happen – trust yourself.

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