5 Effective IB Study Methods

Here are 5 study methods I used during the IB that were very effective for me. Not all of them will work for you, so try them out early on, so you know exactly what you need to do come final exams!

  1. Compiling syllabus notes – do this as you go, so you don’t get a pile up at the very end. Consolidating work by organising them under the syllabus dot points is a surprisingly good way to begin retaining information. If you go one step further and try to summarise everything, you’ll remember even more!
  2. Mind maps – really good for summarising and linking concepts together. I found this especially useful in Economics, especially with all the links one could make between all the different concepts.
  3. Rote learning – sorry, but true. You have to for subjects like Biology, especially if you wan to break the 6-7 barrier. Obviously though, please understand the concepts first.
  4. Practice questions and practice papers – do as many practice papers (preferably dating back to the end of the last syllabus) as you can and mark them all according to the mark scheme so you know exactly what the examiners want. Eventually, you will find that the questions come up over and over again.
  5. Engaging with the material – ask questions in class, get involved with the discussion and be generally curious. The more interesting you can make the information you are learning, the more likely you will retain it and understand it. I think this was the most effective for me!
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