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As an IB student I knew how hard it is at times to find the right person to ask questions about IB-related decisions. I thought I would leave this page here as a way for you IB-ers to leave questions and comments, and suggestions for future posts! I will respond to all of them! (And you guys can help each other out too! Yay!)


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  1. SAD STUDENT says:

    Hey, I am a first year IB students who are working on my IA. I really wish to get a level 7, as long as its between 20-24. I have been working hard and doing my work, but whenever I look at other IB examples online, I always feel like I am never enough. As though my work is trash compares to others, and that I will fail IB. Is this a normal IB feeling, and if you had the same feeling how did u get through it?

  2. Julie says:

    Hi there
    Do you have the notes for French B SL for P1 & P2? Like the vocab for Core topics and notes plus the topic notes for P2 please?

  3. Julie says:

    Do you still have the vocabulary lists for Core topics in Paper 1 and notes for Option topics for Paper 2.

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