Recovering after (mock) exams

Preparation is one thing, recovery is a totally different story.

I remember some of the toughest periods during my IB time was not before or during exams, but after exams. It was excruciating to sit in class and be force fed new content the day after exams had finished (which was annoyingly always a Monday!). The whole class would always be exhausted, and the 2 weeks that followed exams were always the hardest, physically and mentally. Here are some tips on recovery, because it is important that you still stay awake for the IAs that are yet to come!

  1. Take the weekend after exams OFF. Do your best to give yourself a breather that weekend. Hopefully you shouldn’t have too much work (I mean, you’ve just finished exams!) so take a break without any guilt.
  2. Try to limit workload during the week (after exams). Refreshing and restarting is better than burning out (especially if your exams are within the first 2 weeks of term!) – and no petty pieces of homework should come before your wellbeing.
  3. Exercise! Get some fresh air, do some yoga, your body will thank you for it.
  4. Drink Water! Carry a 1L water bottle around with you and stay hydrated. Your brain needs it to function!
  5. Try to stay away from sugar (minus the occasional piece of chocolate for endorphins). Sugar rushes only tire you out more, and this is not the desired effect.
  6. Sleep. Sweet dreams.
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