Okay, I thought that instead of faffing around on this site and posting snippets of tips in different articles, I would get down to the point. From IB experience, here are the 10 IB survival tips that I believe are crucial to getting your Diploma:

  1. SLEEP. Min 8 hours a night, more if you can. If you don’t sleep, you won’t function.
  2. EAT. Same idea. If you don’t eat, and eat well, you won’t function and you will be brain dead.
  3. PLAN. Get a planner, a calendar and a to-do-list and use them together. The more organised you are, the less stressful this thing will be.
  4. BALANCE. Do your extra-curriculars, do CAS (well, duh) and keep doing the things you enjoy. Block out time to do these things, and fit your study in the gaps (literally). Of course though, be reasonable.
  6. ASK FOR HELP. If you need help with something, or feel like you’re struggling more than you should, then ask for help. Could be from your friends, your teachers, from ex-students, whoever! Me! 🙂
  7. STUDY. Effectively. Here’s how.
  8. DISCUSS AND ENGAGE. Be curious, and engage with the material you are studying. The more you get involved in class discussion, and actually pay attention in class, the more you will remember.
  9. BE REALISTIC. It’s going to get hard at times and don’t let this take you down – keep persisting, and take a break if you need it (point 4, balance).
  10. BREATHE. Everything will get done in time. Promise. Even if you have to pull an all-nighter 🙂
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