IB and Preparing for University!

Studies have shown that IB graduates perform better across the board when it comes to university. Skills like independent learning, time management, critical thinking skills and research skills (referencing included!) are all bonuses of the IB in making that leap to university. I have been told on numerous occasions that the IB would prepare me well for university – from having already learnt content, to actually knowing how to reference, Harvard style, of course.

I cannot be sure of the “critical thinking” spiel, because I honestly don’t know exactly how demanding university is on skills like these (and how much I actually think critically, and not cynically), but in terms of having learnt university content, the IB prepares you 200%.

The Microeconomics unit I have to do this semester as part of my Commerce degree is almost identical to the Microeconomics that is part of the IB Economics Syllabus. Perfect competition, market power, game theory, business pricing decisions and supply and demand. Already done and dusted. I have heard from IB graduates in the past that they have flown through semester 1, simply because they have already done all the content.

So my advice to you? If you know what you want to do in university, do as many IB subjects related to that degree as possible. For Medicine and Sciences, do Chemistry and Biology. For Engineering, do a higher level of Math and Physics. Anything business, do Business Management and Economics. You get the point. It will give you a good feel for what you will or might enjoy at university, and it will also set you up very well to just fly through first year university. On the other hand, if you have absolutely no idea what it is you want to do, the IB gives you good scope to do a little bit of everything. Enjoy that freedom while it lasts, because after having done the IB, university feels extremely restricting in comparison.

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